Soy Ocean Soup Plus

Adding the Zippy Peppy Juice Pulp

The Soy Ocean Soup has just gotten better.  In addition to the original Soy Ocean Soup ingredients we have been adding reconstituted alfalfa pellets.

This photo was taken when we were using mixed alfalfa and beet pulp pellets. We discontinued the beet pulp pellets because by the time they become pellets there is little left in them but the fiber. (no red left)

We also add chopped up garden  greens (assorted cabbages, chards, mustard greens, and carrot tops), and All of our spent Green Tea Leaves!

Also when we make our morning Zippy Peppy Juice*, the pulp and skimmings go into the mix.

(*Zippy Peppy Juice Contains:  fresh beet, carrot, celery, turnip, collard greens and brussels sprout leaves from our garden, purple cabbage, rutabaga , apple & lots of Ginger root) 

 Our head rooster Grasshopper (Originally known as Little Swimmer, but now he's called Kwai Chang Caine, now that he's matured) , and one of his girl friends (we didn't catch her name) are supervising the mixing.
The added ingredients thicken up the mash, and provide a convenient source of vegetables that will help replace the natural forest greens that go dormant in winter.

We feed the chickens the a big bowl of seeds and grains and their Soy Ocean Mash in the mornings, let them free range the rest of the morning, and in the afternoon we give them another big bowl of seeds and grains. Then they forage in the woods until evening. In return for our offerings they provide us with delicious eggs that have beautifully translucent, deep yellow, yolks.

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